About the Doctor Honey Brand
Doctor Honey brand presents various products based on honey and bee products.
In collaboration with leading beekeeping institutes, we develop products for everyone's benefit, combining centuries-old traditions and technologies.

Our dream is to enable the whole world

to heal naturally without the use of drugs.

How it works?
Natural ingredients

Propolis (or bee glue) is a product that bees get from the sap and resins of plants, which these workers mix with wax and their own enzymes.


Back in the 19th century, researchers found that propolis produced by bees can serve as an excellent tool for the prevention of viral infection, since it prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.


In a modern sense, using the latest equipment and in accordance with international standards, beekeeping products have huge

immunity support resources, energy-toning properties, vitamins and minerals.

Available to everyone
We give everyone the opportunity to heal naturally without the use of drugs.
Made by bees, checked by scientists!
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