Products for a healthy life!
Healthy products can not only be healthy, but also delicious! The Doctor Honey brand proves this.
Honey mixes

This is a mix of benefits and taste. It contains only pure honey and completely natural ingredients.

Propolis spray

Propolis Spray is a natural first aid kit and antispecialty in one bottle. It will help with abrasions, burns, hand disinfection, toothache and any skin problems.



Incredible sets, where all the useful products are collected in one box. This is a great gift for friends or yourself.

Our dream is to give opportunity to the whole world

heal naturally,

without the use of drugs.

About the brand Doctor Honey

Doctor Honey brand represents various products based on honey and bee products. In cooperation with leading beekeeping institutes, we develop products for everyone's benefit, combining centuries-old traditions and technologies. At the same time, in a modern reading, using the latest equipment and in accordance with international standards.

Beekeeping products have enormous resources to support the immune system, energizing properties, vitamins and minerals!

So let them be available to everyone!


Natural honey mixes

Honey mixes are pure flower honey mixed with useful ingredients using a special technology of gentle kneading, in which all the beneficial properties are preserved.

and multiply.

Flower honey is a real storehouse of nutrients. It strengthens the immune system, saturates the body with the necessary vitamins, acids and microelements.

Honey is indispensable for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart and skin.

Spray and soap with propolis


The unique Protective Scrub Soap with propolis from the new Doctor Honey line cleans, disinfects, and cares for the hands. It contains ground eucalyptus, which creates a scrubbing effect. It has a very pleasant sage and eucalyptus scent.

Propolis water

In the form of a spray. 100% natural product. Natural antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral antimicrobial drug. Propolis is a unique natural product, has a wide range of disinfecting properties, is a natural antibiotic, helps in the treatment and prevention of viral and colds, with toothache, for wound healing.


The Immunobox set is a comprehensive protection of your immunity from all sides, both inside and outside.

At the same time, the protection is natural and natural, because in the composition of Doctor Honey products there are only beekeeping products that have been helping people's health for more than a thousand years, as well as superfoods and other exceptionally healthy and natural products.

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