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Honey mixes are pure flower honey mixed with useful ingredients using a special technology of gentle kneading, in which all the beneficial properties are preserved and multiplied.

Honey mix

The assortment now includes 3 types of honey mix - with sea buckthorn, with propolis and with royal jelly.

Honey mix with sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn honey is pure flower honey mixed with

sea ​​buckthorn using a special technology of gentle kneading, with

which all useful properties are preserved and


Sea buckthorn is a real storehouse of vitamins E,

And others, known for its healing properties since ancient times. Perfectly stimulates the immune system due to the high content of vitamin C and flavonoids, contains the hormone of joy - serotonin, therefore improves mood and

strengthens the nervous system. Thanks to vitamins A and E

relieves inflammation, promotes wound healing and

skin rejuvenation, heart strengthening. Also contains

phytoncides are natural antibiotics.

Ingredients: natural floral honey, sea buckthorn.
Glass. jar 200g

Honey mix with propolis

Propolis honey is pure flower honey blended with

propolis using a special technology of gentle kneading. Propolis is a real storehouse of useful

substances in its composition: flavonoids and aromatic

acids; aromatic and essential oils; wax, floral

pollen; vitamins and amino acids; more than 150 connections.

It is indicated for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart,

skin, natural antibiotic.

Ingredients: natural floral honey, propolis.

Glass. jar 200g

Honey mix with royal jelly

Royal jelly honey is pure flower honey,

mixed with royal jelly using a special technology

gentle kneading, in which all the useful properties

preserved and multiplied.

Royal jelly is a gift from Mother Nature, unsurpassed in its properties. It is not for nothing that it is called “Royal Jelly”.

Milk intake activates and accelerates regeneration processes and

rejuvenation of body cells. Royal jelly has

antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial

properties with a minimum of side effects and


Strengthens the immune system, saturates the body

essential vitamins, acids and microelements,

restores hormones in men and women,

helps children in physical and mental development,

improves memory.

Ingredients: natural floral honey, royal jelly.

Glass. jar 200g

How to apply
Honey mixes can be eaten simply with a spoon, as well as diluted in water and consumed as honey water.
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