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The Immunobox set is a comprehensive protection of your immunity from all sides, both inside and outside. At the same time, the protection is natural and natural, because in the composition of Doctor Honey products there are only beekeeping products that have been helping people's health for more than one thousand years, as well as superfoods and other exceptionally healthy and natural products.

There are now 2 types of immunoboxes in the assortment
Immunobox 1
As part of Immunobox No. 1:
Honey mix with Propolis 200g
Honey mix with Royal jelly 200g
Protective scrub soap with propolis
Tea "Energy Charge" 45g

Immunobox 4
As part of Immunobox No. 4:
Honey mix with Propolis 200g
Water with propolis "Classic" 50 ml
Cloth cotton mask in a bag
Tea "Energy Charge" 45g
What's inside the immunobox?
Inside you will find products for comprehensive protection of the immune system, both internally and externally.
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